Functional Objects by Szilvassy

Functional Objects by Szilvassy

We are excited to announce a special collaboration between Morning Market and Szilvassy - the ceramic studio of local artist Shari Lowndes.

The two commissioned pieces are the result of a dialogue between Shari and Morning Market owner, Jo McGann. They wanted to enrich the every day by creating both functional and beautiful pieces that work harmoniously with daily routines. Both the 'Water Carafe' and the ‘Vase' function in many uses. Jo intends to keep the 'Water Carafe' set on her nightstand to use as a ritual to wind down in the evening.​​​​​​​

"We hope these pieces represent a bridge connecting our sense of place and one another – artefacts to share in daily ritual, to reflect, pause and connect with an intangible human spirit." - Shari on the inspiration behind the collaboration.

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