Creating the perfect cheeseboard

Creating the perfect cheeseboard

Choose your cheese
While it is classic to choose a soft, a blue and a hard cheese, another approach is to play with levels of maturity, the milk used, and texture. Less can mean more. Sometimes a large wedge of one hero cheese matched to its perfect accompaniment is enough to impress in its simplicity.

Find your contrast
Crisp flatbreads, fresh fruit and sweet preserves help achieve a good balance. As always, select what’s in season (right now it’s figs) and be generous.

It’s all about temperature
Be sure to to bring your cheese to temperature before serving. This will make or break any cheese board - it loosens the cheese, readying it to succumb or crumble as it's cut into, and makes it more giving on the palate.

For us, a well considered cheese board is all about contrast of flavour and texture, while also balancing a selection of different cheese varieties with varying levels of maturity.

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